Crafting Your Identity

My journey to becoming a qualified jeweller began in 1989 as a trainee diamond setter in Auckland. Starting off as Stasita Jewellery Ltd in 2002 which featured a range of jewellery with a distinct pacific flavour, I now craft meaningful, bespoke pieces under my very own brand, STASITA Jeweller. 

My signature style combines a client’s cultural influences with aspects of deep meaning for them. A dash of the  contemporary, keeps my designs fresh and exciting. I use the highest standards of modern, innovative techniques during the design process and then finish each piece with my hands, be it through engraving or setting precious stones.


I believe that everyone needs at least one piece of jewellery that they identify deeply with. Hit me up.  Let’s craft a piece that you identify with…..together.

Sterling silver, Pasifika Frangipani ring, Samoan Jewellery